The First Minister of Scotland Visits George Square, Dunfermline

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

The First Minister for Scotland, Alex Salmond, today paid a visit to view progress at George Square, Masterton Park in Dunfermline, one of the countries most sought after office locations, which is being developed by Cameron Harris Design & Build Ltd.

Work on this 5,500sqft speculative office development at No.3 George Square commenced at the start of December 2009 and represents part of a £4 million investment by Cameron Harris on the site which will eventually create in excess of two hundred jobs.

Director Ewan Cameron stated “We agonised about the decision when to commence the next phase of this development due to the financial situation of the economy over the last year.

However due to the high level of enquiries that we have received from companies wanting to relocate to this area, we decided to forge on with our development.”

Ewan also commented “Clients have a lot more choice when it comes to where they would like to be and can be more demanding of the standards with the built environment where they work. We have therefore been determined to deliver the high quality modern environmentally friendly environment that clients are now demanding.

Carnegie Campus is home to a wide diversity of companies from Plc’s to local professional firms, all attracted here by the great transportation links to Edinburgh and beyond, and the quality landscaped tree lined street. Combine this great location with a high quality, energy efficient building and we are producing what the modern office user requires”

First Minister Alex Salmond said: “The construction industry makes a significant contribution to Scotland’s economy and Cameron Harris Design & Build has successfully laid the foundations for success over the past ten years”.

“The Scottish Government has brought forward £350 million of planned capital spending into last year and this year to support the construction sector in these difficult economic times and to ensure Scotland has the infrastructure to attract investment and new jobs”.

“The construction sector underpins our economic growth, providing a foundation for so much of what is happening all over Scotland. Cameron Harris’ George Square development demonstrates the confidence the company has in the local economy and in attracting new business to Dunfermline”.

“I would like to congratulate the company on ten successful years and future success with this impressive new development in Fife.” George Square is already home to companies such as Young & Partners, AviIT Ltd, IT Works Scotland Ltd and Enertrag Ltd, these companies work in very diverse professions such as Law, Energy, Aviation and the IT sector. All of these Companies today have had a representative meeting with the First Minister, showing how Scotland is fighting the global recession, which has affected all sectors of commerce.

The First Minister of Scotland Visits George Square, Dunfermline